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Saving $1.23M in Marketing using AI for software Company


A software start up


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AI Implementation, Email Automation. Automation of Software Development

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Open Ai Large Language Model, SMTP, Instantly,


Effective communication is crucial for business growth and success. For a company operating on a large scale, sending personalized and targeted messages becomes essential. 

That’s what our client approached us for. They wanted to send out 1,000 cold emails a day without being marked as spam. They also needed each email to be personalized based on the recipient’s LinkedIn profile to ensure a higher response rate. Our team was tasked with automating the entire personalization process to meet these needs with automation of software development.      

We took on the following challenges:


automation of software development


automation of software development
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automation of software development
automation of software development


We no longer need to hire and manage a large team to handle our email outreach. It has removed a huge bottleneck,

Software Start up

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