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20 hours a week saved for steel fabrication business


Steel fabrication business managing workers in factory and on the road


Steel, Construction


Custom Software Development, Data Management, Payroll Solutions, Reporting Automation, Mobile App development, Web App development


Keeping track of a large number of employees and managing their payroll, tracking work hours, and end-of-year reporting can be a huge challenge. This corporation was struggling with unreliable data, making it hard to make good business decisions. They were using a generic Steel Fabrication Software that wasn’t meeting their needs. That’s when they called IntegrAIt for help. Our task was to create a custom solution that could handle their specific requirements efficiently.

We took on the following challenges:


Steel Fabrication Software


Steel Fabrication Software
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Steel Fabrication Software
Steel Fabrication Software


We no longer struggle with payroll issues, and the stress of managing data is gone.

Steel Fabrication business

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