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Ship chandler business saves $568k per year from custom software


A shipping chandlery corporation specialising in government contracts, responsible for providing ships with everything they require to sail across the world




Product Development, Process Automation, Data Management, Workflow Optimisation, EEP development, Customer Relationship Software

Tech Stack

Python, Django, PostgreSQL, React, Docker, Kubernetes


Creating RFQs (Request for Quotations) is a time-consuming and critical task for businesses in competitive industries. For our client, who operates in the government contracting sector. Speed and accuracy in generating RFQs are crucial to winning more contracts. They had four full-time employees dedicated to this task, working all day, every day. Because the information in RFQs is sensitive. Only a few trusted people could create them, making it challenging to scale their operations.

Client needed a customer relationship software solution to streamline and automate the RFQ creation process. Ensuring speed and accuracy while maintaining security. This would free up their employees to focus on other important tasks and allow them to handle more RFQs without hiring additional staff.

Our team was entrusted with the task of developing an integrated digital customer relationship software solution to streamline operations and enhance data accuracy.

We took on the following challenges:


customer relationship software


customer relationship software
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customer relationship software
customer relationship software


our efficiency skyrocketed. We can now create RFQs in minutes instead of hours, and our profits have increased significantly. It’s been a transformative experience that has lifted a huge burden off our shoulders.

Ship chandlery Corporation

Managing Director